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Tuesday, 17 February, 2015

In order to build a dynamic, strong and solid team in a prestigious company like MODELIS GIS, the general direction to head with Mr. IRIE FRANCK organized from 14 to 16 August 2013 called a trigger output :

'The Team Building 2nd edition' 'in the political capital of Côte d'Ivoire in Yamoussoukro. This output is designed to detect among staff their weaknesses and strengthen cohesion within the team in order to build a strong team.

During this event, the discovery of the city activities of self and others were the order of the day. We first visited tourist sites such as: the INPHB, the House of Deputies, Lake in the Cayman and finally the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace. These visits allowed each other to know not only the sights of our beautiful country, but also to appreciate them.

We were privileged to visit the house of deputies, a real building. We were impressed with its resplendent symbol architecture of unity in diversity among Ivorians. Built to the east of the city of Yamoussoukro on an area of 21000 m2, this architectural gem reflects the virtual image in natural size for a strategic repositioning of the city.

The visit to the house of deputies gave us a joy of discovery. It is with great joy that we made this discovery.

After visiting the house of deputies, we went to the lakes where crocodiles we contemplated the mystic fire cayman President Houphouët Boigny, the founding father of the Ivory Coast. The history of these animals truly reveals a mystery that only the people Akoué native of Yamoussoukro could actually explain the origin. All this reflects the cultural diversity of the Ivory Coast.

The visit to the lake with alligators was memorable. We admired these wonderful creatures surrounded by myths. Our stay in Yamoussoukro was dotted with several educational activities including the game of discovery called '' do you know your beautiful country? '. This phase of activity is to respond to questions from the moderator to detect the level of knowledge of the team of GIS Modelis the visited city. These series of questions focused on the various sites visited (the INPHB, THE HOUSE OF DEPUTIES THE LAKES AND THE CAYMAN BASILICA).

After Lake in the Cayman, the Cape is on the Basilica Our Lady of Peace. This Christian religious building left us perplexed by its size and architecture recognized by the Guinness record as the largest basilica in the world. Built from 1986 to 1989 on a 130 hectares, with a volume of 800 000 m3 earthworks, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro attracted to this day thousands of tourists passionate discovery.

It was with great joy that we have completed this series of visits to certain discovery and rediscovery for others. After this visit series, we had a relaxing time at the pool of the Hotel President Yamoussoukro where we shared moments of entertainment in this prestigious and relaxing. It was also an opportunity to get out of the professional setting to show employees the extra-professional capacities of each other. This activity helps strengthen the relationships between members of the team to make it a dynamic and motivated team the objectives in the context of work.

Our passage in the country's political capital was marked by the "BOLIKRO" meaning Space goat. This is a gourmet space created by Ivorian youth from the city. In this place, you will find dishes made on basis of goat meat, bush, chicken and fish. You can also have the kedjenou of goat, chicken and fish as well as grilling. It is a folk space the kitchen is an Ivorian specialty. It was with great enthusiasm and interest that we visited the hometown of the late first President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire. We left the city August 16, 2013 in Abidjan the economic capital of Ivory Coast.

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