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Tuesday, 17 February, 2015

The open day took place at the National Library of Plateau in Ivory Coast on 26 April 2012. It was organized in collaboration with the National Council of the Surveyors Order of Ivory Coast (NCSOIC).

This meeting was attended by many distinguished guests among which the President of the National Council of the Surveyors Order of Ivory Coast, the Deputy Director of the Agricultural Ministry, Technical Advisor of the economy and finance Ministry, Director of the surveying and mapping department, of the Ministry of Construction, sanitation and urban, the autonomous service of the Ministry of construction, sanitation and urban, Director of Cadastre, surveyor experts and business professionals of geographical sciences.

During this ceremony, demonstration sessions and presenting topographic devices have allowed the public to better understand the mission of MODELIS GIS in the field of sales of topographic devices and software. A motorized device was presented to the public, a robotic total station with multiple functions thus reducing the work of field staff.

The organization of the Open Day 2012 was an initiative welcomed and appreciated by the Ivorian authorities present as well as the National Council of the Surveyors Order who would like that MODELIS GIS makes this event an institution. The outputs of these sessions, all were satisfied with this innovation.


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