Actors training on the use of GPS Differentials

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Tuesday, 17 February, 2015

From 06 to 10 July 2012, we received a visit from two emissary of CHC company based in Shanghai specialized in the manufacture of GPS devices. The purpose of their five-day visit was twofold:

  • Give an introduction on the use of differential GPS to a specialized audience, one of the surveyors
  • Promote products CHC in Abidjan

Organized by MODELIS GIS, on 7 July 2012 at the meeting room of the National Council of the Surveyors Order of Ivory Coast, the training on the use of differential GPS has been very rewarding. This meeting was attended by twenty people. This was followed by 8 July 2012, the demonstration session material CHC held in two stages: - The theoretical stage which shows the composition of the GPS - And practical stage shows how to mount and use the device. This training was the opportunity to MODELIS GIS to strengthen its bilateral relationship with the CHC company. It is also a way to help customers learn how to use this device at the forefront of technology. In this introduction to GPS, speakers showed a real interest in this technology. The question and answer session helped clarify ideas. It is with enthusiasm that the participants left the training. Appointments made for the next free training!


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